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5146 Seko Samurai 7 : Maszyna do sprzedaży w Monfort Service - Belgia 5146pl522

SEKO Samurai 7 600/230 horizontale
Cytat : (4636)  

Seko Samurai 7

 Cena :    
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N° 2 high strength steel chopping-mixing augers
LH side direct discharge, without conveyor
Set-up for second discharge side
Hydraulic couplings to tractor with “pull-push” levers distributor
Epicycloidal gearbox with direct PTO
Transmission chains with automatic tighteners
Axle unit with weighing sensors, no brakes
Revolving star-shaped chopping blades
Toothed, demountable, adjustable counter-blades
Adjustable drawbar with towing eye (Ø 45 mm Series 400/450/500/600; Ø 76 mm Series 650/700)
Mechanical supporting foot
Rear hopper for milling products
Inspection ladder with platform
Sekotronic SK400 weighing system with
recipes/15 ingredients


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