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Monfort: exporter of hydraulic brushes WARZEE. Exclusive system of hydraulic brush professional for scraping and brushing in only one passage, compatible of any type of carriers. These brushes can be equipped with interchangeable fasteners.

Detail of the hydraulic models of brushes

HYDRAULIC BRUSH-Useful Depth-Overall Depth HYDRAULIC BRUSH-Working width-Overall width
Model Working width
= C
Overall width
= D
Useful Depth
= A
Overall Depth
= B
BR251-150 1.50 m 1.82 m 0.74 m 1.54 m
BR251-200 2.00 m 2.32 m 0.94 m 1.74 m
BR251-250 2.50 m 2.82 m 0.94 m 1.74 m
BR255-150 1.50 m 1.82 m 0.74 m 1.54 m
BR255-200 2.00 m 2.32 m 0.94 m 1.74 m
BR255-250 2.50 m 2.82 m 0.94 m 1.74 m
Model BR255- : Tilting with 90°.

Our hydraulic brushes are equipped with an exclusive scraping and brushing system in a single passage.

We propose 6 different models that allow effective brushing of 1.5 to 2,5 metres wide.

3 models can be tilted to 90° :
BR255-150, BR255-200 and BR-255-250.

Contact us now about theses hydraulic brushes !