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3300 Dulevo 5000 Evolution : machine to be sold at Monfort Service - Belgium 3300en522

Brosse DULEVO 5000 Evolution 5m³
Reference : (3026) 106 HP

Dulevo 5000 Evolution

Year :
Price :    
Not indicated

Engine: Iveco Diesel
Middle brush: 1.3 m wide ( Diameter 0.65m)
Sweeping width with side brush: 2.6 m
Diameter of side brush: 1.1 m
Capacity: 105 000 m²/Stunde
Water Tank: 500 l
High pressure water cleaning system
Length: 5.2 m
Height: 2.35 m
Width: 1.3 m
Weight: 7.8 T
Air conditionning


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